One Token, Many Uses
what is 1nft token?

1NFT Token was created as the token of the community!

After a lot of hard work and many sleepless nights we are proud to present the token that will soon take over the NFT community by a storm!
every First Ever NFT art work that is sold, will have a token drop automatically to the same wallet. 
As a part of a system that we have implemented into the space of NFT, every user will receive a different amount of Free Drop Tokens, Ranging from 1 to 10,000 tokens per drop.
Drops are made randomly and the only thing that make the amount go higher is the rarity of each NFT that is purchased.
along side with our incredible Road Map, we are adding this feature to allow our community to benefit from holding, swapping, selling or reselling our art work in between the space.
The project is still in the works, and we expect some hiccups. please bare with us while we are working around the clock in order to make the best Token the NFT space have ever seen.


Click HERE to copy the Token Address.

How to buy 1NFt Tokens?

Simply go to PancakeSwap and paste our token address listed HERE!

It should look like this:

After you have imported the Token into the site, simply choose the amount and you're all set!

it should look like this:

1NFT Token.PNG
1nft connect wallet.PNG

1NFT Converter