Frequently asked questions

  • Q: How many First Ever Crypto Players will ever be released?

  • A: Over the course of a couple of years we will mint a maximum of 1,000 Crypto Players. we will focus on professional leagues around the world.

  • Q: I purchased a piece; how do I get my FENFT Token Drop?

  • A: We have created an automated system that drop you a random number of tokens every time you purchase a piece from our collection. We recommend emailing us with proof of purchase so we can make sure you are able to see your Token drop.

  • Qhow many Rarities will ever be created?

  • A: we will have a maximum of 6 rarities;

  1.    Normal = 0.09 eth

  2.    High = 0.15 eth

  3.    Very High = 0.25 eth

  4.    Ultra = 0.49 eth

  5.    VIP = 0.99 eth

  6.    Legendary = 2.5 eth

  • Q: I purchased a First Ever Crypto player and he switched teams, what do I do?

  • A: If you are the holder of said piece, simply email us a proof and the wallet that is holding it to confirm, and you will receive a FREE minted piece with the updated jersey.

  • QI want to work for first ever nft team, can I apply for a job?

  • A: at the moment we have a full team of artists an developers that work around the clock in order to get you the best experience possible in the NFT space. We are always looking to expand – you can all send us your CV via email and we will review you application.


  • Q: I am an influencer and I want to promote your project, do you accept collaborations?

  • A: Yes! We are always looking to share our success to a new audience, feel free to reach out to hear more about our influencer plans.

  • Q: Where can I talk to other community members?

  • A: we have a vibrant and fast-growing Discord and Twitter community; you are always welcome.


  • Q: I won a drop from your Road-Map and I would like to trade my prize for something else, is that possible?

  • A: Yes, we are very flexible. At the end of the day, we are here for the community, and we will do our best to get you the best solution.