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These are the steps that leads us throughout this project. When we reach our final goal, we will donate 200,000$ to low income players!


We will mint the first ever 8 Crypto players


We will release the first ever ultra-rare and legendary crypto players


We will give out a real life ticket to the first ever crypto player's match game in their home arena (depends on the first ever crypto you hold)


We will ship out our exclusive merchandise for free to a bunch of lucky winners that holds the first ever crypto players, and will launch our online shop to purchase the merchandise as well


We will send out 10 lucky winners a first ever crypto players jersey signed by the creators


We will grant 10 El-Clásico tickets for the 2022/23 season to crypto players holders


we will launch our community hub, where our community members could watch games and comment on the games, together


We will fly out one of you to meet us at our headquarters and go together to the champions league finals, and invest back into the community by investing into low income players and helping them reach their goals

We are proud to introduce the air-drop system for 'First Ever NFT'

We have successfully built an automated algorithm  that will provide seasonally air-drops to our community of holders. the system detects when a crypto players moves in between team and it will drop you the updated player with the new jersey of their new club 

every holder will receive the drop once their player changes teams, which will add productivity and high value to your initial card as it turns into a valuable asset and you will also own the freshest card available for said player!

Additional drops from other collaborations we are working on will occasionally appear on your NFT wallet, no extra cost! 

Welcome to the community benefits section of 'first ever nft'

every community member (regardless if you are a holder) will get a first impressions look to every creation that we bring into the diaspora. we will give you the option to feel the process and thought behind every nft and will grant you all access to other projects we are working on - which will grant you early access to purchase new items at a fairly low price

we will have a discussion thread on twitter and a consultation group on discord to hear you out and listen to your ideas, if we happen to implement one of your ideas, you will receive a drop for free and you will be mentioned in the items description as one of the creators and you will receive percentage from the first sale!